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About The Pawn Store

Serving the community of Des Moines, IA, The Pawn Store is a locally owned and operated pawn shop that recognizes the value of your used items. We buy and sell your secondhand items, ranging from gold and jewelry to motorcycles and firearms. The Pawn Store recognizes the value of your used items, and we guarantee that our customers receive quality service and fair evaluations. The memories attached to your rings, antiques, and electronics are important, so allow us make sure the items attached to them never transform into meaningless clutter.
Lori, a fellow resident of Des Moines, comments that we are “the best place to go” in town. While we cannot claim that particular distinction, come by The Pawn Store if you are “looking for something different.” Our unique selection boasts a variety of items, and you never know what treasures you may find. Moreover, we know that residents of our community sometimes fall on hard times. If you need some extra cash, or simply need to clean house, bring your well-loved items by and we’ll find them a new home.
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Don’t let your antiques and jewelry gather dust. These items that were once valuable to you can be cherished once more. Call or visit us today.

The Pawn Store

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Our Store Includes:

  • Antiques
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